Sell your business to the right buyer for the right price

Our Unique Process for Success

How Much is Your Business Worth?

To maximize the value of your business, we begin by giving you our estimate of the price range  we expect your business could sell for on the market. 

For this, we will need brief financials for the business for the past 2 years.

The Valuation

Within 48 hours, we will give our estimate of how much your business could sell for if it were listed in today’s market.

Our Agreement

Next, complete our short Agency Agreement form so that we can begin to market your business and acquire a buyer. 

The agreement shows we have no upfront fees and specifies the percentage commission of the sales price we receive for marketing your business.

Feel free to have your attorney review this.


Next, we gather more detailed information about your business and its financials so we can create a professional looking prospectus.

This prospectus can be shared with prospective buyers and will show your business in the best possible way.

Financing Alternatives

Now we present your business to banks and other financing avenues so potential qualified buyers have pre-approved financing in place.

This allows your sale to proceed faster.


Now things get more exciting as we begin to share your business to our network of potential buyers and mutliple marketing channels.

Here Come the Leads

As word travels about your business opportunity, we will screen the leads for you and only present the ones that meet your pre-approved criteria. 

That way you only have to respond to serious offers and avoid the “tire-kickers.”

Accept an Offer

We find as many prospective buyers as we can. Then we help negotiate the best price for your business.

Sometimes multiple attractive offers may appear.

Which offer you accept is entirely your decision.